Meghan Markle: The Unexpected Cost of Her 2020 Wardrobe Revealed!

While some critics thought Meghan Markle was way too wasteful, the Duchess of Sussex is actually a woman of wisdom and common sense. Proof that Prince Harry’s wife has slashed the cost of her wardrobe over her time with the British Crown and even more since she left the royal family in March 2020 Femail who made this extensive investigation forwarded by the newspaper Daily mail.

In 2019, Archie’s mother did not skimp on the funds for her public appearances and always opted for designer outfits. Always very well dressed, she caused a stir until she overshadowed her sister-in-law Kate Middleton. After all, nothing was too good to wow the Queen and her subjects: Prada, Gucci, Givenchy, Dior, Chanel … The pretty brunette at the age of 39 knew how to mix her haute couture pieces with taste. It must be said that in 2019 the cost of the young woman’s clothing was paid for by Prince Charles, who paid Harry and his wife a comfortable sum to finance the lovers’ outfits for their “royal engagements”. In the study of FemailWe note that Meghan’s most expensive outfit was worn in March 2020 when it was released at the hotel The Goering. The total of the Duchess’ accessories, jewelry, clothing and shoes then amounted to 14,174 pounds sterling. Overall, Meghan would have spent almost £ 211,700 in 2019 on her wardrobe.

But you have to know your reason. After Megxit and their departure from the British royal family, the couple cut their spending drastically, particularly on the dressing room and accessories Fashion from Meghan. In 2020 Meghan Markle would have “simply” spent 44,188 pounds (50,000 euros) of clothing. A remarkable (and remarkable) drop of over £ 165,000. Harry and Meghan have become financially independent since Megxit and as a result have learned to manage their expenses with greater caution and weighting.

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