Mary-Kate Olsen ‘petrified’: Her urgent divorce from Olivier Sarkozy rejected

It wasn’t long before the judge delivered his verdict: Mary-Kate Olsen’s divorce application filed on May 13, 2020, was rejected. After five years of marriage with the French banker Olivier Sarkozy, the American designer has to find a solution by next Monday to empty his New York apartment. As several media outlets reported on Thursday, including the magazine People, the court found that this application was not a priority at this time of the health crisis.

On April 17, the 33-year-old former actress tried unsuccessfully to file for divorce, as the case has been closed since the beginning of her detention, unless a judge considers it an emergency. In her application, Mary-Kate Olsen states that Olivier Sakorzy has terminated the lease without even asking for his consent: “My husband is waiting for me to leave our house on Monday, May 18, 2020, during a Break in New York for Covid-19..” According to a source ofE! Messages, the young woman and her twin sister Ashley Olsen allegedly fled to an apartment outside the city.

Mary-Kate Olsen added: “I am petrified that my husband is trying to deprive me of the house in which we lived, and if he succeeds, I will not only lose my house, but I also risk losing my personal property (…). And it is impossible for me to find a new apartment in such a short time.” In her divorce filing, the former actress revealed on the show The feast at home She said she wanted the marriage contract she signed with the 50-year-old businessman to be enforced so that her personal fortune would be preserved. She wants to continue to visit her Hamptons home and a second apartment owned by ex-lovers in Manhattan. Finally, Mary-Kate Olsen demands that Olivier Sarkozy continue to cover his health care costs and dental insurance.

If this is the first divorce for the American, Olivier Sarkozy is on the verge of divorce. For more than twenty years Nicolas Sarkozy’s younger brother was married to Charlotte Bernard, with whose he has two children: Julien (20) and Margot (18). The couple were living in New York at the time of their separation in 2012.