Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy: Why their urgent divorce was rejected

Mary-Kate Olsen will have to arm herself with patience before she can divorce her husband, the French banker Olivier Sarkozy, after five years of marriage. As a New York lawyer told the magazine People, On May 16, 2020, the former actress was not in an alarming situation to receive an urgent divorce application.

On April 17, Mary-Kate Olsen wanted to file her first divorce application, but was rejected by the New York courts, which only deal with urgent applications at this time of the health crisis. On May 13, the 33-year-old American filed for divorce, explaining that Olivier Sakorzy had terminated her lease without even asking her for her consent: “My husband is waiting for me to leave our house on Monday, May 18, 2020, during a Break in New York because of the Covid-19 (…). I am petrified that my husband is trying to deprive me of the house in which we lived, and if he succeeds, I will not only lose my house, I also risk losing my personal property (…). And it is impossible for me to find a new apartment in such a short time.“This second application was rejected on 15 May.

According to a source ofE! Messages, the young woman and her twin sister Ashley Olsen allegedly fled to an apartment outside the city. “Domestic violence is an emergency, perhaps denying access to health care is an emergency. I want a divorce because I want a divorce now is not an emergencysaid the marriage lawyer. If she really hadn’t had another place to live, she might have caught the judge’s attention.”

A divorce “in due time”

In his divorce filing, the former child star revealed The feast at home, explained that she wanted to enforce the marriage contract she signed with the 50-year-old businessman in order to preserve her personal assets. She also hopes to continue visiting her Hamptons home and a second apartment the couple owns in Manhattan. Finally, Mary-Kate Olsen demands that Olivier Sarkozy continue to cover his health care costs and dental insurance.

So what is the next step for Mary-Kate Olsen? “She can proceed and submit her agreed separation agreement and hand it over to a judge. This judge will examine it, sign it and send it to the registry officeexplained the People. And in due time she will be divorced..”