Mary-Kate Olsen already moved after her divorce from Olivier Sarkozy?

Almost five months after her split from Olivier Sarkozy, Mary-Kate Olsen has resumed dating. In any case, this is a source ofEntertainment tonight Oct 7, 2020. The former actress who has been converted into a successful stylist would take full advantage of her celibacy with her divorce from the French behind her.

“”She is single and having fun. She’s not in a serious relationship, but she does have datesthe US source reported on Wednesday. She is doing very well and seems happier than she has been in a long time“Regarding the mysterious stranger Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted on the streets of New York with earlier this week, it would just be a friend.

After spending the summer in the Hamptons, Ashley Olsen’s sister is back in the Big Apple. On her last public outings, the 34-year-old stylist performed without her wedding ring. For his part, Olivier Sarkozy continues to wear his: On October 5th, also in New York, the 51-year-old businessman was seen with a gold ring on his ring finger. After five years of relationship and three years of marriage, the couple went on poor terms last spring: Mary-Kate Olsen filed in April an urgent divorce petitionThis justified that her husband had terminated her lease without asking for her consent.

Two lives too different

“”My husband is waiting for me to move from our house to New York on Monday, May 18, 2020 because of Covid-19 (…). I am petrified that my husband is trying to rob me of the house we lived in and if he succeeds I will not only lose my house but also risk losing my personal belongings. ” she had specifically explained it in her request. The American star’s motion was quickly denied by the New York City courts. One judge believed this situation was not a real emergency amid a health crisis. Mary-Kate Olsen eventually filed her lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court as soon as it reopened on May 25.

The ex-spouse lifestyle has finally caught on: Mary-Kate Olsen prefers to lead a quieter, lonely life focused on her fashion business, while Olivier Sarkozy prefers evenings with friends and trips among the tropics. The couple would also not agree on the plan to have a child, as Madame was ready to start a family, unlike Monsieur, who was already the father of two grown children.