Mademoiselle Agnès “fusional” mother: Confidences and emotional revelations about her adopted daughter

In 2015, Mademoiselle Agnès became a mother through adoption. Very discreet about her little daughter named Swan, she only gives her confidence in the subject sparingly. On Sunday, January 17, 2021, on the show clickShe was asked about motherhood and answered with tears in her eyes.

Returning to a column on a book on the subject of adoption, Mademoiselle Agnès burst into tears as she recalled her own situation. “”Sorry I’m moved. That is the topic that moves me. But they are tears of happiness, really, it’s a gift! She is six years old. And then it’s fun She has the same voice as me, she has the broken voice of Swan“she revealed angrily when talking about her daughter.”I did a little follow-up with a psychiatrist from the Mignot Hospital in Versailles. Since we still need keys, it is important. I thought it was mimicryand in fact not at all. I think we have the same small defect in the vocal cords“She added.

Mademoiselle Agnès, who admitted that she and her daughter “extremely fusional“didn’t hide the fact that his passion for fashion had an impact on Swan.”She loves that. She walked at 11½ months and wore 12 heels! She has gold boots from me, old Patrick Cox, whom she likes to dress up as Wonder Woman. She will look for the disguise, she is very attentive“added the fashion specialist. In addition, little Swan took part in her first fashion week in 2018 by accompanying her mother to the Bonpoint show in Paris Star television, for promoting his show New fashionMademoiselle Agnès had also said a few words about her daughter’s passion for this universe. “”Since she can walk, she stings my shoes. And she loves getting around the house in my 12 cm high heels. Swann has a lot of style“she confided.