Love in the time of coronavirus

Psycho and Sexo

Offbeat marriages, forced alienations, stormy coexistence… The pandemic changes the cards of the tender.

According to an article Paris Match Australia Of Catherine Schwaab And Juliette Pelerin

Between Camille and Romain, aged 22 and 28, he “Nothing over”. Nevertheless, they already share sensual memories. “At the beginning of the captivity we did not know each other.” Before the applause at 8 p.m. it was glued to the JT, curtains pulled. Instead, she has been popping up at the living room window every night since mid-March and applauding with her neighbors. The building has become a real community. “We get cuckoo, we talk, and then we say to each other tomorrow.” One night they talked about birthdays at the time of captivity. “Roman remembered me in mid-April. On D-Day, he had prepared me a dessert.” Futé, the foodie gave him an appointment in the middle of the street that separates their buildings in Bayonne, filling him with his little plate of sweets, Camille with his shyness. ‘We didn’t touch each other, not even a kiss, he handed me the plate, I took it; it was our only contact.”

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Through the crunch of the pecan cake, the gentleness of the chocolate mousse and the fragrant taste of the beaten strawberries, they talked. Camille still has the thrill of gluttony: “It was really good!” There is no doubt that Romain has undeniable know-how. Camille is worried. And to think that she might never have met him! Now the applause is her gallant rendezvous. And platonic. “We talk about everything and nothing, we tell each other about our lives, our plans, our future… » A humble banter like Lamartine’s day. “Maybe a love story begins, she wonders, very “Lady with camellias.” But after the captivity… » As Polyecte says in Corneille’s play, “The desire increases when the effect subsides.”

I mean, not for everyone. Clara, the hostess of the event, “the plate” ! Understand that this pretty 23-year-old girl “need sex almost every day”. Locked in her parents’ cabin with her two younger sisters, she had discovered her neighbor, two houses away. “I needed a partner nearby.” He was the one who attracted him the most in the area. He lives as a couple. How do I approach him? Clara is not Camille. Neither one nor two, ‘I pretended I didn’t have sugar to bake cakes and I went to ring the bell at his house.. When she returned her sugar to him, she slipped a little explicitly with her number: ‘It’s not just the sugar I want to eat.’ The dutiful neighbor understood. “He texted me two days later. I did everything I could to inspire him… » You can imagine.

Damien works at the Bégin Military Hospital, Marion classifies the children of the caregivers. ©Héléne Pambrun / Paris Game

Rather receptively, he succumbed quite quickly: that evening they met in the bicycle room of the pavilion community. Risky. But the pleasure is also in transgression. Clara sees herself again: ‘We kissed, I threw myself at him…, it didn’t have to take long to avoid raising the suspicions of my parents and his girlfriend.’ When they meet again the next day to have sex, she pretends to have to empty the rubbish. “We have to move quickly… she regrets half figue half-raisin. But it also makes it more exciting.” His family must be damned absorbed on Netflix so he doesn’t know anything. Clara is in control of her business. “We had to see each other a dozen times in total. I don’t mind him being in a relationship, it’s just a sex plan.’ For this insatiable, the impulse is not entirely satisfied, but… “It’s better than nothing”No way to go and search on dating apps despite the fear of captivity. “I prefer real life; in my job I get hit a lot, in the evening, in a club.” There it is only a little short; from there to googlising a partner, no, she cultivates her old school side, Clara. In the opposite of statistics.

We cultivate his libido in a different way. We make promises to each other, we caress each other. If you are a little naughty, you will always find …

Whether It’s Tinder, the classic app (conversations last 25% longer), Gleeden, the adulterous app (up to 260% traffic!), Bumble, the app where Madame takes the first step (up to 26% of the messages), or the sites PornHub and YouPorn (which offers its premium service for free) announce an explosion of numbers from captivity. But not only that. Maud Pasturaud, Vice-President of Bumble Europe, states: “We used to come in, we used to eat and we’d go like a fast food restaurant. Containment presents singles with their loneliness. So they want the right person, which condenses their exchange. User commit, the “pre-date” takes longer. Without physical contact, we share a video.” You learn through intermediate screen to sharpen the joy. Bumble calls it the “Quality chat”Adam confirms: “You maintain your libido in a different way. We make promises to each other, we caress each other. If you are a little naughty, you will always find … » Good summary. In this area, fertile fantasies are favoured.

For curious couples who now have an endless honeymoon, eroticism is enriched by a small selection of sex toys (plus 50% of sales!) delivered at home. Passage du désir was aware of its civic responsibility and even launched “Special Containment” accessory packages at reduced prices, for the couple, for them, for him, with impressive titles: “Hot head-to-head”, “Grass naughty morning”, “Reconciliation on the pillow” … Because, yes, sometimes reconciliation is necessary. With three children, including a sultry teenager still locked in her room, and two little monsters, Dorothea can no longer take it, she admits, cash: “We’ve never had as little sex as we did during captivity.” She dreams of fleeing to her architectural office, where computers are glued together. “Too bad for regulatory distances!” she sighs at the end of her nerves. Her husband is a journalist, he can go out, he and, ingeniously, suddenly find his wife “A madness I didn’t know”. One wonders why…

Margaux and David have just composed their first song “Coule” and are preparing an album. © Héléne Pambrun / Paris Game

For some lovers in the process of commitment, containment is the role of the dice: it goes or it breaks

We know that in China, the number of divorces exploded after this forced hibernation. Catalyst of the couple’s difficulties, containment amplifies them. Sometimes to the point where there is no going back. In Paris, two law firms, Place de la Madeleine and Avenue Franklin-Roosevelt, unveil discreetly “a sharp increase in applications for first-time filings of ‘divorce offers'”Traffic jams in sight? Others flee on the phone. “I ventilate with my girlfriends, locked in the bathroom”, admits Corinne, who made the mistake of reunited with her ex “for children”. Not everyone is Alessandra Sublet.

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Optimists try to save the essentials by means of marital therapy in Extremis by telephone. Dr. Marie-Laure Susini, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, is overwhelmed. The profile range is as diverse as Covid’s symptoms. Severe climate of poisonous hatred: ‘I can’t even bear his breathing.’ Or deep existential questions: “What have I done with my life so far?” It is true that death has never been so often invited into our daily lives.

For some lovers on the way to engagement, containment is the role of the dice: it goes or it breaks. Between Margaux, songwriter and singer, and David, actor and director, it was an opportunity to agree crescendo. He lives in the 18th century, she lives in the 16th century, so to speak the other way around. “We only saw each other to get out; an easy life for teenagers, in a way”, recognizes Margaux.

What about all these bizarre or even terminated marriages with great effort; worse than a Corona crisis

They crossed the Rubicon and settled in their house. “We couldn’t to be separated for two months”, they believe with one voice. Margaux sums it up: “We had the time and space to express our creative affinities.” Beyond their polyphony, they discovered the world of wonderful marital compromises. Housekeeping, Shopping, Cooking… “Of course we scream!” From their spontaneous coexistence, however, came a song about captivity, “Coule”, Signed Céline, the appropriate nickname of Margaux, and a clip that was seen on YouTube together with David: “We stimulate ourselves, we are inspired… One becomes the echo of the other. I think I trust him. It goes all the way… » When art takes you beyond contingencies.

No wedding without guests: Pia and Jérémy wait for the arrival of the Venezuelan family of the bride © Héléne Pambrun / Paris Match

What about all these bizarre or even terminated marriages with great effort; worse than a Corona crisis. The hysteria of the preparations has already ignited the nervous system, but the rejection is worse. For some, love is in intensive care. Overcoming disappointment becomes the ultimate serological test to see if one will be immune to the whims of common life. Jeremy and Pia are pretty well armed. Their 180-strong party in Villefranche-sur-Mer has been postponed until the summer of 2021… they will warm the atmosphere in bucolic mini-celebrations. As for Marion and Damien, their wedding on May 2 nd was cancelled, they parade in wedding dresses in the aisles of their 31-storey tower!

It is the teaching of this inclusion, a kind of truth serum of couples and singles. Where we measure the vital levers of our love life. Sex, tenderness, creation, good humour… The overwhelming promiscuity as well as the forced separation force you to get the drunkenness of the kisses through… the euphoria of the conversation.