Lingerie expert Jennifer Schwade on the everyday magic of belly-pad pants

I ordered my first Spanx on eBay. I wore the belly-way pants under an evening dress and felt great. Since then, I’ve been reluctant to give up the sense of security that shapewear gives me. But I didn’t really know a good source of advice. That’s why I was very happy when Jennifer Schwade contacted me to get her online shop. Shape me Introduce. Finally to a nice selection of bodice linen on the internet – I liked the idea so good that I asked her for an interview. Because: As a client and as a journalist I have a few urgent questions on this subject!

Dear Jennifer, Shapewear is treated fairly discreetly in Germany. What’s the reason for this?

This is one of the most common questions I ask myself. On the one hand it is due to the old “Mieder = Bidder” image, which is known from the past. On the other hand, in Germany, people generally don’t like to talk about intimate topics. An honest exchange on shapewear would be so important and desirable.

What about other countries: You grew up with shapewear through your Irish mother, aunts and cousins – what was it like?

In other countries, shapewear has long since established itself in every woman’s wardrobe. Shapewear is considered suitable for everyday use in the US, Australia and the UK. Women are encouraged to wear shapewear. Many of my friends and relatives are often surprised when I tell them about the German perception. We women are now very open about aesthetics and our appearance. We wear bras to shape our chests, go to the hairdresser to cover up our approach and usually make up for it every day. So why not wear underwear that covers us well and gives us a safe grip?

I can only agree with you! How do you want to redefine the “Mieder = Bidder” image with Shape me?

Shapewear now consists of a wide range of products. There is actually almost every need for the right shapewear and there was not only a huge leap in the development of qualities and fabrics, but also in design. In our online shop we not only have breathable shapewear, which is perfect for hot summer days, but also super sexy underwear, which really has nothing in common with a bodice. Through our product selection, our look and through focused PR, we want to show that shapewear deserves a new image. We believe it’s time to talk about shapewear, talk about what to wear “under”, which bra conjures such a beautiful cleavage, or which panties are good for skirts and dresses. We all benefit from mutual exchange.

What’s your best-seller?

The Everyday Series (*Link) by Spanx. As the name suggests, it is a series suitable for everyday use. This series consists of a thong, tights and boy shorts in nude and black. Perfect for everyday under trousers, skirts and dresses. For a strong shaping effect and extra grip – even after pregnancy and regression – the products in the series are On Kern (*Link), also vob of the brand Spanx, recommended. The shorts, letters and bodies provide a focus on the core, i.e. the abdomen and lower abdomen. A certain seam technology supports the areas optimally – you feel fully packed.

Is shapewear only for women after pregnancy or with figure problems?

Absolutely not! Shapewear is for all women. Of course, shapewear can help to get the figure in shape gently, but it’s all about feeling good with shapewear and, for example, keen to put on a certain dress. We have products with different shape degrees (from 1 to 3) so it’s really the right thing for every woman and every occasion. Personally, I also wear a lot of shapewear in everyday life and this is not just because I am surrounded by many great products every day.

‘I love shapewear because I can trust that my little bloating doesn’t look like it and I don’t have to worry about my sitting position and posture during meetings. The clothes are always good and I can concentrate on the essentials.” Jennifer Schwade

I’ve often asked why slim women wear shapewear. It’s only for curvy women. As a leaner woman, I also struggle with my self-confidence. Definitely the right solution would be to work on yourself. But we women all know what it feels like to feel uncomfortable on some days. Fluctuating hormones and external influences such as lack of sleep, stress and unhealthy food guide us in our daily lives. Personally, I’m glad I can reach for some little tools like shapewear.

How do you approach the topic of body positivity?

We are not trying to raise the issue directly, because unfortunately we have often been misunderstood on this issue. It’s so important for us to show that shapewear can support you the way you want. Shapewear is supposed to be a small daily helper that makes you feel comfortable.

What should be taken into account when purchasing Shapewear online?

Each of our products is described in detail. You will find information about the shaping effect and quality. In addition, we have a shaping guide and size advice on the website. In short, when choosing the right size, you order your usual dress size. Almost all manufacturers use the design effect in the ready-to-wear sizes known in Germany (S, M, L or 38, 40, 42). If you have any doubts, please send us an email and we are happy to advise you.

What would you recommend me if I was looking for something very discreet? So a part that doesn’t look like shapewear?

Our brands offer both basic products and sexy lingerie. The Australian brand Nancy Ganz e.g. has a whole line – “Enchanté”, which literally enchants. The naturally shaped cups of an Enchanté bra not only provide extra support for small or large breasts, but also evoke a beautiful cleavage and create an absolute wow effect with the romantic lace details. The Spotlight Op-Series (*Link) by Spanx is an absolute eye-catcher because of the top details!

That’s the best part of it. Thanks for the interview, Jennifer.

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