Why I Finally Decided To Start Dressing Better 1

Why I Finally Decided To Start Dressing Better


Even as a youngster I had been thinking about style, at least as I sensed it, even although I did not think of it in this manner. What I wore mattered for me and, for several occasions or events, I put lots of thought and effort into looking the way I wanted. I remember, at eighteen, taking a girlfriend to dinner in London to get a special day. I shudder to believe back now in what I wore that evening, but everything I wore was intentionally picked and I thought I looked good. Style mattered if you ask me personally.

I have spent my career in the computer software industry and most that time in software creation. Consequently, I’ve spent most of my livelihood in jeans and t-shirts or polo tops and believed I had been blessed in order to dress so. But gradually something changed.

Approximately five or six years ago my doctor said my blood sugar has been pumped up. After action, I shifted to a low-carb diet which soon became a lifestyle. Together with getting my blood glucose in check, I also shed about thirty lbs. At around precisely the exact same time, I began to believe areas of my personality’d lain dormant all these years and that I wanted to reassert some of them. I started to wear a number of the coats I had accumulated throughout my years, also wear shoes that weren’t made by Nike. I began to wear regular shirts instead of polo tops.

I began to explore this new sartorial environment. As a young man I occasionally wore a bowtie and I never lost the procedure of tying one. So I wore a bowtie once a while. People detected, needless to say, and asked me why I had been dressing otherwise. My answer was varied from time to time, however is normally some variant on”because I wish to”.

Since I knew what Savile Row had been, I had wished to own a suit made by means of a Row tailormade. I’d had bespoke suits created before, again once I had been a new man, and I possessed and may nearly squeeze into, the dinner jacket I had made when I was around twenty-five. However Savile Row was many steps above anything I had done before.

I did lots of reading, so as to try to figure out which house to utilize and look I desired. Along the way I discovered StyleForum, A Suitable Wardrobe, and some other online resources from which I learned a lot. EventuallyI chose to get a suit made by way of a tiny firm that has been part of the Anderson & Sheppard diaspora. For that very first commission I picked a Fres-Co suit and also a linen suit, both that I still wear usually.

As someone said, once you have experienced bespoke, it’s difficult to go back. I’ll explain why that is from the next part of this story.

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