The High Watchmaking Gentleman’s Club Takes London 1

The High Watchmaking Gentleman’s Club Takes London



At a move befitting the launch of a new series targeted straight at bringing the future generation of watch enthusiasts into the new, Vacheron Constantin tapped a couple of international taste-makers to celebrate, also experience, the brand newest fifty six watches in London last fall. I was honored to be one of two representatives from the USA.

Our entire crew, which we called”The Top Watch Making Gentleman’s Club”, contained myself, Alexander Friedman of Watchonista, Anish Bhatt of Watch Anish, Wei Koh from The Dramatic and also Revolution, Fabio Attanasio, Yoshimasa Hoshiba, and also Mr. Kira. Throughout our inaugural stay, we shared several astonishing, only-in-London, adventures, including the Tower Bridge, the Shard, cocktails and whiskey at a subterranean pub, consultations at Cifonelli, and also a unforgettable night smoking cigars to a rooftop across from Harrod’s.

I must say that since I have started HSS nearly six decades ago today, I have been a part of several new apps and”activations”, since they are known in the biz, and Vacheron Constantin truly and really got that 1 right. Often times when a group of individuals is rounded up and tossed together, it can really feel and appearance like it was manufactured in the worst way possible.

But, I will let you know while I knew a few of the gentlemen personally prior to this experience, the entire group ensured instantly around our shared love of fine watches, men’s personality, living like a gentle man, and obviously, Vacheron Constantin.

It was a joy! Along with chapeau, Vacheron Constantin! Hope you enjoy a few of the shots here and at the slideshow above.Thanks for reading.


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