Have 36 Hours In Washington, DC? Here’s What To Do 1

Have 36 Hours In Washington, DC? Here’s What To Do


Robin and I traveling so much, I figured I should begin getting into the habit of posting some city manuals which comprise a few of the places we’d recommend eating, drinking, staying and seeing. Nothing methodical, but let us imagine you’d 36 hours someplace and you’re wondering exactly what to do. Going to kick things off with a destination down the street from our home in Baltimore–Washington, DC.

Over the years, we’ve made a couple of trips to the world’s capital, though perhaps not nearly as much as you’d think given its comparative proximity to people. Nevertheless, we’ve accumulated a handful of favorite areas, which I’d say, generally, are only a little off the beaten trail. Or, at the very least, matters that aren’t in your own boiler-plate DC travelguide –i.e. no monuments within our list.

This short Washington, DC travel guide is geared towards people who may possibly find themselves passing through with very little time to spend, but who want to have an experience that is somewhat different (and maybe cooler–well, we’d like to think so…). Enjoy!

Washington, DC is so close to us, once we move there, it feels like a stay-cation. So once we do two-day excursions similar to thiswe love to live it up just a tiny bit. Translation: we want to stay in a nice very great hotel. It’s nice to be pampered and there is an undeniable element of comfort once you’re talking about a lavish experience. On our latest trip, we stayed at the extraordinary fivestar Jefferson Hotel. The Jefferson has an oldschool elegance that I believe is apropos for a live in DC. It’s fairly centrally located so you are within striking distance to anything you might like to do.

See: Union Station
When you’ve ever driven DC or across the DC beltway, particularly, you know that traffic may be nightmare. We could certainly drive ourselves, but you know, if you are thinking about using a relaxing getaway, traffic would be the last thing you want to take care of. Because of this, we’ve gotten into the habit of carrying the train–I would much like to spend about $30 on Amtrak (yes, we can shoot the MARC, but why not live only a little?) Then potentially sit at a parking lot on 495. Not only is the train more relaxing, but also you appear in a totally magnificent train channel –Union Station. Essential see.

Shop: Georgetown
By far, our favorite place to drift. There is plenty of purchasing –Sets from Billy Reid to Brooks Brothers into the venerable Georgetown Tobacco. There was considered a Barney’s but that’s gone today, unfortunately. Towards the easter ending of M Street, you’ll come across a block of a number of their very beautiful antique shops you will ever see.

Dine: Iron Gate
Going to be honest here. We’ve eaten in a fair quantity of restaurants in DC. Robin might disagree with me here, but I would say that the experiences have been broadly meh. Great cocktails. Amazing food. Our favourite time to really go? Brunch.

The bar scene–like, the elegant pub scene–is something we will need to explore more, however, we’ve always had a terrific time at the Rye Bar at Georgetown. They’ve yummy modest plates, a superb traditional cocktail set and extend a bunch of legit champagnes by the glass. Expect to spend somewhat, but know that you will certainly be fulfilled. Of course, whether or not it’s a nice night, you’ll be able to take a romantic stroll along the C & O Canal.

Have any good Washington, DC suggestions? Leave’em beneath from the remarks.

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