Letizia from Spain: New sexy summer look in Seville, Queen surprised

The post-detention tour of the ruling couple continues. On 29 June 2020, Felipe VI and his wife Letizia made another stopover in Andalusia. It is now a week since the King and Queen of Spain began a tour of the country’s seventeen autonomous communities to support economic, social and cultural activities following the coronavirus outbreak.

After the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, the couple was in Andalusia on Monday. The parents of Leonor and Sofia (14 and 13 years old) first visited the Tres Mil Viviendas district in Seville. The 47-year-old former journalist couldn’t resist seaber the many masked curious seamstresses who welcomed her with a new summer outfit that highlighted her shoulders and slender waist: a long printed dress printed with belts. Adolfo Dominguez, one of his favorite creators. Unfortunately, it is now impossible for his fans to get it as it is sold out. You can always fall back on his pair of wedged espadrilles from Macarena.

As always, Letizia has been changing new designer pieces since the beginning of the tour and recycling old outfits. On 24 June, the Queen had produced her Maje dress, which she had worn last summer, for her visit to Playa de Palma. She had previously made a name for herself in another particularly affordable dress, which was found at the Spanish giant Zara.