Kate Moss: Your daughter Lila is walking for the first time in her life

“”All good things come to an endThe saying goes: fashion lovers experienced this with the end of Paris Fashion Week. Kate Moss’ daughter, purpletook his first steps there by taking part in one of the last parades of the week.

Lila Grace Moss is literally following in her mother’s footsteps, Kate Moss. On Tuesday, October 6th, 2020, the 18-year-old model attended her very first fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. She opened the Miu Miu Show, Prada’s “little sister” brand created by Miuccia Prada. The brand presented its ready-to-wear collection for the spring-summer 2020 season.

Lila Moss opened the Miu Miu show and presented herself to the audience in the first look of the collection, consisting of a black and red shoulder blazer, a blue shirt, a mini skirt and mules. The pretty blonde then performed two more times individually, most recently at the end of the show before leading the final.