Kate Middleton is already wearing Christmas earrings in style!

In a subtle way, Kate Middleton added a festive accessory to her latest look. On November 15, 2020, the Duchess of Cambridge participated in a video call with finalists in the Hold Still Project, a photo competition she initiated during the lockdown last spring. The opportunity for the British to show off a new successful fall look.

Kate Middleton smiled from a living room in Kensington Palace that was carefully decorated with family photos of George, Charlotte and Louis (7, 5 and 2 years old). She spoke to some fellow citizens who are passionate about photography, like her. Prince William’s wife beamed with her XL brush with light brown curls and wore a light blue cardigan with the signature Boden, which was still available at a price of 98 euros. The Duchess completed her look with a pair of dangling gold earrings that the designer envisioned Catherine Zoraida : This is the Gold Mistle Kiss model [baiser d’or en anglais]that features mistletoe leaves. This model, heralding the arrival of Christmas, is festive but no less elegant, provided you have 200 euros to afford it!

Catherine Zoraida is definitely a safe bet for the Duchess, so the London-based jewelry brand owes much of its success to the models she wears during her public appearances. Kate Middleton isn’t the only member of the royal family to fall for these nifty creations: her sister-in-law Meghan Markle also has a pair of bee-shaped earrings to be worn during one January 2020 with Harry in London, ahead of the Megxit and the start of her new one Life across the Atlantic.