Kate Middleton: Her last dress was ripped off in a matter of hours

Kate Middleton’s prescription power is as strong as ever, before, during and after childbirth! How the Vogue On 1 July 2020, the Duchess of Cambridge caused another near-immediate camp failure after a trip to Norwich a few days ago. A beautiful royal spotlight on a young fashion brand.

For her visit to a children’s hospital on June 25, the Duchess of Cambridge had bet on one of her favorite pieces: a half-length and floral dress, one of the must-haves in her wardrobe. The 38-year-old British actress wowed her fans with the unveiling a new dress by Faithfull The Brand, a Balinese brand founded in 2012 by Australian Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Norway’s Helle Them-Enger. A hell of a surprise advertising stunt for the two stylists as they were able to entrust the magazine Vogue.

We were happy to wake up with enthusiastic messages and calls from our friends, families and faithfull team. Our Instagram was flooded with tagged pictures of the Duchess in our dress and we received so many private messages and emails from customers asking how to get this piece (…). In an hour we sold 50 units and by noon the dress was out of print everywhere, they explained. There is still uncertainty about how the Duchess got her hands on our dress and it completely surprised us, we are more than happy that she is a fan and wears Faithfull so well.