Karl Lagerfeld’s Legacy: Disappearance of a Keyman, Details and Lies

Karl Lagerfeld died on February 19, 2019, and since then the question of his legacy remains unresolved. With a Estimated assets from specialized websites Celebrity Net Worth And Business Insider approximately 200 million US dollars, the appetite becomes sharper… The Paris Weekend has traced the thread in a study that highlights above all a previously unknown key man and is very useful to determine exactly what the stylist possessed: Frydlender Lucien, his accountant.

Will or no will?

The magazine made an initial revelation about Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy: he had indeed written a will. For a long time, the Designer of Chanel had raised doubts about a possible document describing who would have what when he died. He had just admitted in 2015 that he had already prepared everything for her beloved Choupette, who is now in good hands. A recent survey by the magazine You for the absence of a will, which makes the estate even more difficult. “He left without making a will. In one last resort, only the Choupette cat has so far“, it was said. Wrong after Le Parisien Weekend. The will, written by Karl Lagerfeld, was taken up by Master Henry Rey in Monaco. The Principality has appointed a judicial administrator.’We learn.

But where are you? But you’re not there…

Another important revelation of the magazine, a key man misses the call and delays the succession. This is Frydlender Lucien, the accountant of the late emperor during “Decades“. The 87-year-old is said to have disappeared from traffic and closed his office in September 2019. “He is uncooperative, he refuses to talk to the legatees and administrators“, said a lawyer close to the case. His wife just agreed to tell the magazine that he hadn’t run away.on a paradise island with a hidden treasure” but that he had retired at home in Paris, “very sick“.

This man, obviously very familiar with the financial details of Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy, would make it possible to better inventory what he owned. “We are on an inventory, which is a very long process. Furniture, Real Estate, Art, Business, Finance…“, gave the model and favorite of Karl, Baptiste Giabiconi last February on TF1. The properties include a bookshop and an apartment in the chic 7th arrondissement of Paris, as well as an apartment in Monaco. In addition, there is a well-stocked library, designer furniture….

Who are the beneficiaries? Baptiste Giabiconi Heritage No. 1?

In Seven to eightBaptiste Giabiconi had claimed that His former mentor wants seven names and that he was at the top of the list. Again half wrong according to the magazine. “Baptiste was not excluded from the first appointment at the notary… there was no first appointment with the notary” revealed a source who worked on the property. On the other hand, the same source agrees with the model by stating that the deceased couturier has the “to satisfy a ratio that is more important than the other“. But if it wasn’t done by the notary, how did he get wind of this information?

This revelation – albeit true – on a more generous part of the will risks annoying another heir: Sébastien Jondeau, former driver of Karl Lagerfeld, who became his craftsman and protégé. It has always been a spark between him and Baptiste Giabiconi. “I spent most of his life with him. I’ve never been away, except on the day he died” Sebastien trusts in Paris Match last year. “The Seb, I don’t feel it too much, with his cough, his ubiquitous fear. You must beware of people who immediately share their fears, their evils, their problems“, writes Baptiste Giabiconi in Karl and I. To buy peace, Karl Lagerfeld offered the two men gifts of similar value… Today, everyone wants to take the lead over the other. Since the emperor’s death, however, Baptiste Giabiconi has been very absent from recent Chanel events…

The Paris Weekend finally provides one final revelation: the list of heirs. In addition to Baptiste Giabiconi and Sébastien Jondeau, they are also Francoise Caéote (his housekeeper, who looks after Choupette), Hudson Kroenig (his 11-year-old godson) and his father Brad Kroenig, Caroline Lebar (its Communications Director) and Jake Davis (model and friend).

A case to follow…