Kanye West: Former alcoholic, he drank vodka for breakfast

In 2019, Kanye West had a revelation. Thanks to religion, he was freed from his addiction to sex and alcohol. The artist was a “operative alcoholic” who drank orange vodka cocktails for breakfast. It is Gq Kanye West spoke. Yeezy is the star of the magazine’s new issue and was photographed by Tyler Mitchell at his ranch in Wyoming. In addition to his photo series, the rapper and fashion designer has conducted four different interviews. He went back to his alcoholism, an addiction he attributed to awards ceremonies.

I really drank so I could go to these parties (…). To tell me, ‘Okay, I can do itkanye West, long affected by the lack of recognition at these prestigious awards ceremonies.

He adds: “One day I was working on a couture collection in my office, and it was Grey Goose in the fridge. I just wanted to have a drink in the middle of the day, and I thought, ‘Satan, you’re not going to get me today.’ I haven’t been drinking since I realized I had to take it one day at a time, but I never assumed i was, and I was never told, ‘Hey, you’re a functional alcoholic’. [personne dont la consommation d’alcool augmente peu à peu en termes de quantité absorbée et de fréquence. Le corps à l’alcool, si bien qu’il en faut de plus en plus pour obtenir l’effet escompté, NDLR]. I was called crazy, all names, but not a functional alcoholic. And I drank grey goose and orange juice for breakfast.

Kanye West didn’t just drink vodka. On September 13, 2009, the evening of the MTV Video Music Awards, which he marked with a speech by Taylor Swift (the beginning of their tense relationship), Kanye appeared on the red carpet with his then girlfriend Amber Rose and a bottle of cognac.