Irresistible jeep gladiator

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The pick-up version of the legendary Wrangler is finally here.

By Stéphane Wamat

We often say that the SUV wave has lasted too long, that it is counterproductive at a time when we are more concerned with energy and environmental issues. In reality, only those who are legitimized in this field should remain.

We therefore greet this 5.5-meter-long gladiator with open arms, the tank of which has a volume of 1000 liters. On board we find the authenticity and the obvious rusticity of the Wrangler, which actually hide a perfectly up-to-date technological content: networked multimedia, a multitude of driving aids … In our test version only the active help was missing. Tracking. An amazingly annoying and unnecessary option.

It’s hard not to fall for the gladiator’s charisma, who is more out of place on our roads than other colossal American pickups. He’s also great technically. Not a greedy V8 here, but a 3-liter diesel V6 (264 hp) mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission that is perfect for this type of machine. And on the way? The good surprise comes from the comfort, as the Gladiator never bounces over bumps like most other pickups. Otherwise the feeling of driving something different comes first. Different from a car, different from an SUV and even different from, for example, a competing Toyota or Ford pickup. This “extreme” Jeep G starts at 58,200 euros.

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© Jeep

The opinion of the Lamarche family

“Hysteria. This is the only way we can describe the reaction of the children – and the children of the neighbors – when we parked the gladiator in front of the house. Let’s put it another way: we too fall back into childhood before it. He’s so cool! And we don’t have a lot of rational arguments to defend ourselves against. The rear seats are spacious (the center seat is not very comfortable), fuel consumption is reasonable according to experts, it is in fact, quite frankly, comfortable (despite some wind noise) and in terms of the trunk … the only real concern is that you will have to park your car for 5.5 meters. If it is certainly not cheap, the Gladiator is one of those vehicles that you would go financially to get, especially since we were there in taxes since it’s a utility. Okay kids, measure the garage! “”

The opinion of the eco-expert

No, the Gladiator is of course not an economical vehicle. But it is also far from a bottomless pit. To our surprise, despite its 2.5 tonnes and lack of aerodynamics, it can curb its appetite if it is driven with the right anticipation. In the course of time we have managed to hold a value of around 10 l / 100 km as well as a “record” of 8.9 l / 100 km for long motorway journeys with a speed control of 110 km / h. Admit that you imagined more. But of course it is not the gladiator who solves the climate problem.

© Jeep

Technical specifications

L / l / h (mm): 5,591 / 1,894 / 1,843 – 5 seats – 2,403 kg – V6 turbo diesel engine, 3 liters – Power: 264 PS – Torque: 600 Nm – WLTP consumption: 9.5 – 9.8 l / 100 km – CO2 WLTP: 248-256 g / km –
Price: 58,200 euros incl.