In New Zealand, menstrual products are free NOW through June for all students

Starting in June, students at all schools in New Zealand will receive free menstrual products, the news agency wrote Reuters and New Zealand media Thursday. Students occasionally did not go to school because they could not afford tampons and sanitary towels.

New Zealand announced last year that it would take a step against so-called menstrual poverty. An attempt in which the products were distributed in fifteen schools was considered very successful. The rest of the schools would follow this year, although the exact implementation date was not yet known.

According to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, nearly 95,000 students between the ages of nine and eighteen sometimes stay home because they cannot buy the right products during their time. “By making the products free, they can go to school,” the Prime Minister said earlier.

The well-being of New Zealand children is also improving, Ardern said on Thursday. “Young people should not miss their education because it is quite normal for half the population,” said the Prime Minister.

The New Zealand government is providing around $ 18 million to make the products available in schools free of charge. Steps have also been taken in England towards free menstrual products, while Scotland has already made feminine hygiene products available free of charge in certain public places.

In 2019, the development organization Plan International and the feminist platform De Bovengrondse published a study that found that 9 percent of Dutch girls and women between the ages of 12 and 25 sometimes have too little money to buy tampons or sanitary towels.

800 million girls and women around the world have their periods every day.