Ilona Smet: Torrid in a wet t-shirt in her bathroom

“”This universe is certainly very ungrateful for accepting mistakes, but we’ve talked a lot about it and I think you are readyDavid Hallyday recently explained about his two daughters. The eldest, Ilona, ​​has a promising modeling career. She achieves a new level of brilliance by posing in a very sexy way in a magazine …

This is for the French edition of Cosmopolitan that Ilona performed her latest charming act! The pretty 25-year-old blonde can be seen on the cover of the November 2020 issue of the magazine. She also reveals her beauty routine in the “A home spa“from the publication, illustrated with a photo series by Ilona.

In a photo by photographer Emmanuelle Hauguel, Ilona Smet is posing in a bathroom, in a white Christian Dior T-shirt and floral bikini bottoms. “”Beauty is something finished“says the wet top, under which Ilona wears no underwear.

In comments, her parents David Hallyday and Estelle Lefébure and their big (half) sister Laura Smet expressed their admiration through emojis.