Huge unidentified structures have been discovered in the centre of Earth


About 3,000 kilometers under our feet, mysterious new discoveries raise questions.

Scientists at the University of Maryland have discovered gigantic structures in the center of The Earth, about 3,000 kilometers below our feet, we learn Vice this week.

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The team of scientists explains that the structure, which is still unknown and consists of a dense material, lies at the boundary of the outer core (the liquid part of the Earth’s core) and the Earth’s mantle (the layer that extends between the core and the Earth’s crust).

At least two structures of a thousand kilometers

An anomaly identified for the first time among the Marquesas Islands, one of the five archipelagos in French Polynesia. To reach this conclusion, the scientists grouped and analyzed the siismograms recorded in hundreds of earthquakes between 1990 and 2018 using software called Sequencer.

More than 7,000 earthquake measurements with a magnitude of more than 6.5 were treated by the researchers. Examining these data represents a rare opportunity to remodel the Earth’s internal composition by comparing it with the existing model.

Updated map of the center of the Earth. © University of Maryland.

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« Waves diffract along this surface doyeon Kim, the research director. When S-waves hit these structures, they produce an echo indicating the presence of an anomaly in this area. There would be at least two of them that would stretch over a thousand kilometres or more. These areas, where S-waves move at very low speeds, are referred to by scientists as “superpanaches,” and so far no one knows what dense material they are made of.