How do you wash your jacket as sustainably as possible?

Many people find it difficult to wash their jacket properly. As a result, they often don’t wash their coat or take it straight to a dry cleaner. This is a waste of your money as a large part of the coats can be washed very easily and sustainably at home. Would you like to enjoy your jacket for more than one season? And do you want to contribute to a better environment, such as Millions of Dutch people want to live more sustainably? In this article you can read some tips on how to wash your jacket as sustainably as possible.

First remove the

Before attempting to completely wash a jacket,
It is advisable to remove all stains first. In this way
You don’t have to wash your jacket so hot, which is better for the material and it
Shape your jacket and of course for a greener world. You don’t have a chemical
Means to combat stains. Start with lukewarm water and
let this be withdrawn well. Make sure the water isn’t too hot because it is
The material in your jacket can react negatively. Pat the lukewarm water in
something on the spots – don’t the spots disappear completely? In that case, you can choose
for natural soap or baking soda to remove the stains naturally
to remove.

Which coats did you hand wash?

You can actually wash every jacket by hand
If you want. This ensures that the jacket will fit in everyone
The case stays beautiful and the model cannot shrink. This applies to some layers
However, a spin in the washing machine can really work wonders
how clean the jacket is. Whether you need to wash your jacket by hand or in the washing machine
differs per jacket. Always check the label on the jacket where you want more
Here you can find information on washing instructions. You can see the hand washing icon
then you should never throw the jacket in the washing machine. Special jackets
like wool coats and leather jackets, for example, that doesn’t happen as quickly
Washing machine. With these types of layers, you can do better with a mild soapy solution as well
Use a soft cloth to make the jacket as fresh as possible.

Can I put a jacket in the washing machine?

Sometimes coats get so dirty that they cannot be cleaned by hand. In this case it can happen that a jacket made of a sensitive material, e.g. B. a wool coat, is cleaned in the washing machine. It is important to buy a special detergent for this and to let the jacket soak before you let the machine clean it completely. You don’t have a front loader on your washing machine? Do this by hand first and place the jacket in a bowl of water. Do not use fabric softeners as these products are harmful to the environment. When washing delicate fabrics such as wool, always at the temperature of the laundry. The rule is: rather too low than too high. Let that be much better for the environment too and you have a nice combination. Most women’s, men’s and children’s coats can be put in the washing machine. Please note that in some cases you will need to buy a special detergent and put on the jacket power saving mode or 30 degrees. If the dirt is stubborn, take your jacket to a dry cleaner.

How do I dry one coat at a time?
wash as sustainably as possible?

Putting a jacket in the dryer is an absolute no-go: both for the jacket and for the world. A dryer uses a lot of energy. It is therefore better to let the washed coat dry itself. This also means that the fit of your jacket remains the most beautiful. Do you have a garden? Then, buy a handy clothesline to hang your laundered clothes and jacket. Please note that you cannot hang every coat on clothespins. With some coats, it’s better to let them dry flat – this will make them look nicer so they can last longer. For example, this is the case with a down jacket: these types of jackets are filled with down that can be moved around. When you hang up the jacket, the down goes down. Lay a down jacket flat on a drying rack or on a rug on the floor to keep the model looking pretty.