How do you get along with the mask when it’s hotter?

Beauty and well-being

health crisis obliges, wearing the mask is highly recommended. But not always easy to endure the latter with the return of sunny days and heat.

In some places, wearing a mask is even mandatory. But fortunately there are a few simple tricks to make its use more pleasant despite the hot summer days.

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The first thing to think about is breathing. You may have noticed that less fog comes out in winter, when you breathe through your nose. Simply because exhaling through the nose and not through the mouth, produces less heat. So remember to do the same if you’re wearing your mask to avoid a heat stroke.

Then disposable masks prefer to fabric masks, which tend to retain less heat. If you can’t do it any other way, opt for bright masks instead. As with clothing, lighter colours reflect the sun’s rays, as opposed to black, for example.

And most importantly, think about hydrating yourself. Even if the feeling of thirst is not necessarily present, drinking in quantity will reduce their body temperature. They are granted to drink with a mask is not ideal, but if it can make the situation more sustainable, it is a lesser evil.

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