How do we find a new normal? My current morning routine with L’Oréal Paris | Show

Nothing seems normal since the Corona crisis. There are a lot of things going on here, too. Nevertheless, it is important for us as a family, but also for me as a woman, to have a regular daily routine in times of crisis. The care of my skin is one of them.

“Morning ruin?” Flori asked me in disbelief when I told him that, in collaboration with L’Oréal Paris, I now want to present my current morning routine. I had to laugh warmly because I’m really broken in the morning. Since the childcare was closed, all three of us have been home, my home office and book project running at the same time and I share all the concerns that other women have. In the evening, I fall asleep in jeans in bed reading aloud. It’s an exhausting, uncertain time for all of us.

What is certain, however, is that to be strong and present as a mother and author, I need short breaks for myself – and if it’s only the 10 minutes in the bathroom that are sacred to me. Complicated cleaning rituals or relaxing masks with long periods of action are not an option for me. Since I am over 40, my care program should not only be fast, but also visible. This applies to both cleaning and all anti-aging and makeup products.

Good skin care was important to me as a teenager. Nevertheless, in addition to the necessary regeneration at night, I ignored another fundamental need for a long time: moisture. I especially wanted to have a pure complexion and glow. I understood sera as a kind of expensive remedy, admitted from time to time.

Now my skin signals: More moisture, please! The result of a professional skin analysis in advance under the supervision of dermatologist Dr Sabine Zenker revealed: Around the eyes, on the cheeks and in the chin area, the values for my skin in terms of moisture supply and elasticity are in the lower range. So it was clear why I felt at noon at the latest that I urgently needed to cream again. In winter and while traveling the feeling is really unpleasant. In addition, my complexion around the mouth is restless and tends to have perioral dermatitis when cared for for too much. Therefore, with each new product I am first careful and extremely economical in dosage.

Meanwhile, a highly concentrated care concentrate with the right day care is an integral part of my beauty routine. The L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Anti-Wrinkle Serum* with pipette dropper has been in my bathroom for a few weeks now and I wonder how I could even travel for a day without hyaluronic acid?! This is especially true in the morning, when my skin is really thirsty after a strenuous night.

Chemically, hyaluronic acid is a chain of sugar molecules. The body’s own substance, which is an essential part of joint fluid and connective tissue, has the ability to bind six thousand times its weight to water. By filling the skin from the inside out, this creates a firming direct effect. To maximize the smoothing effect, L’Oréal Paris combines two types of hyaluronic acid for this product:

  • The short chain 1% micro hyaluronic acid enters the skin, stores moisture and protects the skin from the inside out.

  • The long-chain 0.5% macro hyaluronic acid forms a hydrating film on the surface and reduces the loss of the skin’s own fluid.

Step-by-step: This is what my morning routine including 1.5% hyaluronic acid serum looks like:

  1. I wash my face with lukewarm water and a mild wash lotion. I used to use a gel, but now I also rely on creamy richness when cleaning, instead of aggressive pimples.
  2. After drying my face I apply a BHA cream in the T-zone and on the cleavage to peel the skin. This makes me a pure complexion, as the sebum can flow better and the pores become less clogged.
  3. Now comes the serum: I put a pea-sized drop out of the pipette directly on to my hand or directly on the skin and beat the product in with my fingers. I work very carefully around the eyes, because the skin here is 16x thinner than in the rest of the face.

    My care rule 1 applies: My face goes up to the neck.

    I see my face, neck and cleavage as a whole and use the same anti-aging products everywhere – and not just body lotion. I massage the serum to the ears, work my way around the neck to the cleavage, where I have unfortunately developed pigment disorders, as well as folds due to lack of sun protection and lateral sleep. These should be avoided and compensated.

  4. Wait for the serum to be retracted. Then I complete my morning routine with the L’Oréal Paris Filler HA Cladding Anti-Age Day Care*, which also contains very concentrated hyaluronic acid and makes my skin look smoother. Again I leave the same areas as with the serum, but stay economical in the dosage.
  5. As the basis for my no-makeup look I use a balancing primer. The eyes look more alert thanks to concealer and black mascara. A touch of rosé rouge and colour on the lips provide freshness, and since the Berlinale I have fallen for l’Oréal Paris’s Rouge Signature Brilliant Ink lipstick.

My color is called “Be Engaging”, which comes very close to the natural pink tone of my lips. The base with the serum makes my makeup look beautiful for a long time and I no longer feel like I have to cream again all the time. If this is the case, I trust a pulse application and use both the serum and the cream in between.

In this sense: Stay healthy and treat yourself to a solid degree of self-care, especially in times of crisis. I am convinced that not only true beauty, but also strength and positivity come from within.

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