Hodgson: “Everyone thinks we need the end of the season” | Right away

If it is Roy Hodgson’s fault, the current Premier League season will be played. The Crystal Palace manager believes the FaFA should not deduct the league in writing.

Due to the Corona crisis, the ball has been switched off on the English pitches since 13 March. It is not yet clear when football will be allowed again, but according to 72-year-old Hodgson, the Premier League must be completed, if necessary with the necessary measures.

“Everyone agrees that we need an end to this season. We don’t want to say in writing who will be champions, who can get into the Champions League, who will be relegated and who will step up,” Hodgson said at the time. Website of his club.

“Ideally our players should have at least three or four weeks to prepare for the next game, but I accept there may not be enough time for that,” the former England coach added.

“Remaining games in less time”

Hodgson, for example, does not rule out the possibility that there will be no public game when the competition resumes. “It can also mean that we have to play our remaining games in less time and that there is a shorter break until the start of the new season.”

The Premier League will certainly not start again at the beginning of May. The competition was previously suspended until April 30 and postponed until further announcement at the beginning of April. Only if the authorities allow it will there be another game.

Hodgson’s Crystal Palace are currently 11th in the Premier League and have nine league games ahead of them.

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