Here is the infallible and little-known technique to ride your whites in the snow without a bat or whip


A technique that will revolutionize the preparation of your desserts and coffees.

It’s the puzzle of all the chefs who manage to beat their whites in the snow when you find yourself in a kitchen without a whip or electric mixer. And even with a whip under the elbow, we can’t say it’s the most enjoyable step in our recipe. Many aspiring chefs find muscle their wrists for long minutes to achieve a barely satisfactory result.

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Fortunately, a brilliant and little-known technique shared by Thibaut L’hoir, a chef in a well-known restaurant in caussinnes, makes it easier for us. All you have to do is bring a Tupperware. Break the desired number of eggs and separate the whites from the dotters, then place your whites in a Tupperware or in an airtight container. Then shake it quickly for a few minutes until you get the desired texture. In general, it takes about ten minutes.

A technique that also works for whipped cream

The same trick also works to cook your whipped cream to enjoy on your coffee. To do this, simply replace the egg white with cream and a little sugar, and mix it well. Then place the mixture with a spoon at the top of your cup of coffee for a creamy cappuccino effect.