Héléne Darroze beats chiefs who “take advantage” of captivity “to show themselves”


Héléne Darroze has given a sting to the chefs taking advantage of the coronavirus health crisis “to show up.”

According to an article Paris Match Australia Editorial

Interested media initiatives are not Helen Droze’s cup of tea. Since the beginning of the health crisis, many have mobilized to raise money against coronavirus. On the chef’s side, some cook for caregivers or share their recipes on social networks. The Michelin-starred chef has nothing against these small gestures ” as long as it is an initiative that is not there to fuel the buzz She told Tv Star.

« That some people are taking the opportunity to show themselves, it horrifies me She added, saying she chose discretion. « I for my part, I have been involved in humanity for a long time, but I do not talk about it because I am not the type to swagger ».

Between The Homeland and Talks with Emmanuel Macron

Confinement obliged to close the restaurants of the brigade chief of “Top Chef”. She enjoys her free time with her family. Since the beginning of her captivity, she has shared pictures on social media of her apartment, her daughters and the little dishes she has devised for her loved ones, with ease.

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A few days ago, Héléne Darroze also attended a meeting with Emmanuel Macron to discuss measures to give birth to the catering industry, an area badly shaken by the health crisis. Other Michelin-starred chefs such as his “Top Chef” colleagues Philippe Etchebest and Michel Sarran, as well as Alain Ducasse and Guy Savoy, also took part in the talks.