Heidi Klum’s eldest daughter wants to start modeling


As a mother of four, Heidi Klum seems to have passed on her passion. Leni, her eldest daughter of 15 years, is interested in modeling.

According to an article Paris Match Australia En Flora Monbec

Succession is assured. German supermodel Heidi Klum has a habit of encouraging his children (born from his previous marriage to Seal) to follow their passions. According to his own information, he shared with the magazine on April 2, 2020 People, her eldest daughter Leni seems determined to get into modelling. « Let me take over. “The 15-year-old told her mother. The only one who wants to follow my steps in this area is my greatest, Leni The 46-year-old star explained. His youngest children Lou (10), Johan (13) and Henry (14), all their lives to know what they want to do She says.

A ruthless universe

However, Heidi Klum explained that she warned Leni. She notes that the fashion world has really changed over the years. « It was different when I started in 1992 she assured. Anchored in the fashion landscape with several caps such as stylist, model or perfume designer, she knows the background of this universe very well. Leni, of course, felt an attraction to the fashion world. She can be sure of having the support of her mother. « It must go its own way She added.

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If young Leni can’t parade on the catwalk at this time of captivity, she’s interested in other activities. In an Instagram video posted by Heidi Klum, we see her daughter learning to cook for her friends on FaceTime. The girl does not forget to enjoy her youth before we find her on a podium very quickly …