Healthy diet: How hard is it?

During my nutrition consultations at Goesting in Health, I always get the same questions about healthy eating. I note that many people have to cross a threshold to change their diet. These answers to frequently asked questions can already help you take the first step:

Does healthy eating take a lot of time?

Healthy nutrition is a lifestyle that you consciously choose and whose positive effect on your body is discovered step by step. To eat a healthy diet, you need to bring home fresh ingredients, which takes a little more time than the traditional costs. But this extra effort pays off and is very simple when approached intelligently. Are you starting to eat a healthy diet? Then I guarantee you that after a while you will feel much fitter and healthier and do not want anything else.

Healthy eating means cooking with non-traditional ingredients that I don’t have in the house. How do I deal with it?

You don’t have to rush to the store and fill your pantry with healthy ingredients. Building step by step is the best approach. Buy basic ingredients such as coconut oil, quinoa, seeds and seeds, and especially lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. And so you slowly build your healthy lifestyle.

Where can I find the ingredients for my healthy diet?

My philosophy is based on pure, raw, fresh foods that make your body happy. You can buy these groceries almost anywhere: at the market, in the organic supermarket, in natural food shops and even in the shop around the corner. Or you can create your own vegetable garden. For some recipes you may need to go to different stores or you should look for specific ingredients. But this search can also be fun.

How does Goesting in Health approach a healthy diet?

Goesting in Health emphasizes nutrition that has a positive effect on your body and health. In my philosophy, there is only room for nutrition from which your body really gets energy. The focus is on organic and tasty foods without dyes or products that extend their shelf life. Sugar, dairy products and wheat have no place here. Unprocessed, honest and nutritious food is the norm. Goesting in Health wants you to consciously choose a healthy diet and lifestyle. I strive for good food in its purest form that makes you and your body happy.

How do I connect goting in health lifestyle with my busy life and my job?

Healthy nutrition works best if you follow the rules. This is not always easy. Especially if you’re in the job a lot, for example. Good planning is the message. Although our society is increasingly looking for healthy eating, healthy eating often remains a challenge along the way. A golden tip? Prepare your food at home in the morning and take it with you. Of course, you are not alone. On my website and blog you will find recipes and get information to help you make the right decisions and combine your healthy lifestyle with your busy existence. Healthy eating is sometimes difficult, but it’s worth it. It gives you a lot of energy and therefore feels better at work, in the sports club and in the kitchen. And even more good news: Enjoying a nice wine or a delicious cappuccino on a sun-drenched terrace is one of them!

Appetite in health

Isn’t healthy eating expensive?

Healthy foods such as fresh vegetables, fruit, corn rice … in fact costs more than vegetables from a glass, a bowl of co-balls in tomato sauce or white rice. But these additional costs do not outweigh the benefits of a healthy diet. You feel fit, your body is completely healthy and you are full of energy. This means that you are less ill, working more efficiently and have more appetite to fully enjoy life!

Who can explore Health Advice in Goting in Health?

I am there for anyone who wants a balanced and healthy diet. Goesting in Health helps you:
• Build a healthy lifestyle
• Get more energy
• feel fitter
• Become more aware of the benefits of healthy eating
• Maintain or achieve your healthy weight

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