Gucci: The brand’s heiress was sexually abused, his family was an accomplice

Alexandra Zarini explains that Joseph Ruffalo abused her when she was 6 years old. His ordeal lasted sixteen. According to the young woman, the former artist manager (who worked with Prince and the Earth, Wind & Fire group) slipped into bed naked and stroked her chest and cock. Joseph Ruffalo also showed him his penis and rubbed it against his body.

Patricia Gucci and Bruna Palombo, Alexandra Tsarini’s mother and grandmother, were well aware of Joseph Ruffalo’s practices. Alexandra reveals that her mother prepared her to accept the alleged attacker’s progress by allowing her to film her daughter completely naked while bathing. The applicant adds that her mother regularly beat her and that her grandmother and mother threatened to keep her a secret.

Patricia Gucci has responded to the allegations against her. In an email to New York TimesShe claims to have learned of the abuse her daughter suffered in September 2007 during a consultation with her family doctor in London. Patricia Gucci would then immediately file for divorce from Joseph Buffalo. She literally denies being an accomplice to her ex-husband.