Grosjean and Hamilton had ‘great conversations’ after disagreement over kneeling Right away

Romain Grosjean has apologised to Lewis Hamilton for his stance on the racism protest of Formula One drivers at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Both drivers hope that the declaration can be better organised from next weekend.

“I called Lewis 45 minutes after the race in Hungary. It was a good conversation where we mainly talked about the anti-racism statement,” Grosjean said at a press conference before the British GP on Thursday.

After the race in Hungary, Hamilton said he was angry with Grosjean because the Haas driver felt it was enough to protest racism. But the Briton said on Thursday that the cold was from the sky.

“It was a great conversation. We have more in common than I thought and we are working towards the same goal,” said the Mercedes driver.

Hamilton moaned in his hands at the Silverstone track. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Grosjean: “I was called racist on social media”

Grosjean, a board member of the GPDA train drivers’ union, rejects the claim that he does not consider the fight against racism to be so important. “On behalf of the GPDA, I wanted to give a voice to the seven or eight riders who did not want to continue after a race. That was wrong in hindsight and I apologised to Lewis for that.”

“Lewis was right when he said that as chairman I have to listen to all the drivers,” said Grosjean, who has gained a lot of experience in recent weeks. “I was called racist on social media, while I was one of the first drivers to be a supporter of kneeling.”

Motorists will also make a statement at Silverstone

Drivers will also reflect on the fight against racism before the race at Silverstone. Hamilton was annoyed after the Hungarian GP that the statement there was very chaotic. Some drivers arrived late or not at all to the place where other drivers were kneeling.

“I’ve talked to all the top people in Formula One over the last few days, jean Todt, Chase Carey and Ross Brawn,” Hamilton said. “They were very good talks and we made plans for the future. This gives us more time to say before the race starts.”

Grosjean doesn’t mind that a number of drivers – including Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc – have decided not to kneel. “You can’t force anyone to do that. Everyone has a different feeling and it is not my job to judge. Anyone can do what they want to show, to support the fight against racism.”

Hamilton wants to make the statements all year round. “Some teams are still struggling a little bit, but we are getting closer and closer to an agreement.”

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