GPs refer more patients to mental health | Right away

General practitioners are referring more patients to the mental health system, the Dutch Health Authority (NZa) and the Trimbos Institute report in a report on the start-up published on Wednesday. After the coroner outbreak in the Netherlands, the number of remittances fell sharply, but now it is increasing again.

Since mid-March, there have been 49,000 fewer referrals than in previous years, the report said.

The number of urgent referrals, for example for people with psychosis, fell the least. “However, remittances for acute care issues have fallen equally.”

Now the number of transfers seems to be increasing again. However, the figure is not yet “at the same level” as in previous years. It is not known what impact the Corona measures will have on waiting times.

The number of referrals also fell in hospital care, as it turned out. “The number of transfers is now increasing again in all disciplines. Since last week, the number of emergency transfers has almost returned to pre-crisis levels.”

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