Good posture thanks to Anodyne | Appetite in health

Every passionate entrepreneur or employee suffers more or less from professional deformity. And I can’t escape him. In fact, my professional deformity manifests itself not in one, but in two areas. I am a special case, I know.

Concrete? I can’t see a book, interview or article about healthy eating or the human body without wanting to read it. I just don’t want to miss anything and learn all the time. Professional deformity? I thought so. 🙂

Increase in good posture

As an osteopath, I know how important a good posture is to prevent physical discomfort. Now and in the future. In your body everything is connected, so that the slightest deviation can have great consequences. That is why I am also a big fan of initiatives that promote good posture.

Posture corrective clothing by Anodyne

A few weeks ago, I accidentally landed on the website of Anodyne, manufacturer of posture-correcting clothing. In particular, the Women’s Attitude Shirt my attention. According to the website, this shirt should alert you to your posture and encourage you to activate your muscles yourself and improve your posture. I wanted to know more about it! So I ordered a copy.

Completely convinced

I wore the shirt for several days during my work and leisure time. The result of my research? The Women’s Attitude Shirt works and is also very comfortable. When you wear it, you really feel like the shirt corrects your posture! I am absolutely convinced.

The effect of the “nagging mother”

What I didn’t expect is that it Women’s Attitude Shirt has a high “nagging mother content”. You know, this lady who raised you and called you a hundred times to sit down. 🙂 Well, it Women’s Attitude Shirt They constantly point to your posture, but without causing you headaches.

Do you take off your shirt? Then the corrective effect continues, because your muscle memory automatically activates your muscles! No whining, then.

Cool fit, better posture

My experiment was so successful that I have already turned my eye to the following product: Back relief, a beautiful seat that helps you keep your back straight when you’re sitting! The next time you come to my practice, look at my desk chair. 🙂

Healthy greetings