Gisele Bendchen: Supermodel becomes hairdresser for her daughter Vivian

Coronavirus and captivity commit, Gisele Bendchen has ceased her activity and lives her isolation as a family. The supermodel improvised hairdresser for her daughter Vivian, a “satisfied customer” by his mother’s performance.

Gisele benden, who is housed in her house, communicates with the outside world via social networks. On this Sunday, May 24, 2020, she posted a video of her daughter Vivian ( 7 years old) and her enjoying a sunset at her new home in Florida. Gisele cut Vivian’s hair, making up for the closure of hair salons imposed by the authorities over the health crisis. Actresses Uma Thurman and Jessica Alba also accepted the challenge with their respective daughters Maya and Honor.

Does anyone need a haircut?The 39-year-old model mom wrote in her video in Portuguese. Vivian practices her mother’s mother tongue fluently, a peculiarity that has the nearly 16 million Trailer Gisele Bendchen.