Frisch’s red dress | Advertising

Last week I was invited to a Berlinale party and had no idea what to wear. The dress code was “Casual to chic”. That can mean anything or nothing!

I asked the young Berlin label. FreshI can borrow some clothes. The Little Blacks with feathers, an exciting Sequin number and a red Tweed dress.

All models were worked super extensively and immediately made me party vote. But the red “The Christel” dress, named after the stylish grandmother of the two designers, could do a little more than just make me look good, I thought. It created a sense of well-being that doesn’t come from party dresses, at least not from those who hang in my closet. Worries like “The dress is too tight,” “The skirt is too short” or “Am I too downin it?” I didn’t.

In combination with high heels it was immediately suitable and also the next morning in the hotel breakfast without a belt, but with my beloved boots, just the right clothes.

[Transparenz: Das Kleid wurde mir von Frisch als Leihgabe für den Abend zur Verfügung gestellt.]