Food Authority Notice: Do not use bamboo or corn fiber bowls NOW

From now on, stop using dishes such as coffee cups made of bamboo or corn fiber. Which advises the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority on Monday. If used, there is a possibility that too much formaldehyde ends up in your food or drink.

Bamboo and corn fibers are processed into so-called melamine plastic. However, such shells have been found to release toxins upon contact with heat. This can lead to stomach irritation and ulcers. The NVWA has taken such products out of business.

Minister Tamara van Ark (Medical Care) also writes in a Letter to parliament The NVWA and the Bureau for Risk Assessment & Research (Bureau) recommend that you no longer use the bamboo melamine tableware from which cups and tableware are made.

The NVWA informs importers and suppliers of these products that they must immediately withdraw the products from the market. If they sell it on, they’ll be reprimanded.

“Better not to use at all”

“The NVWA and Nutrition Center are now informing consumers that it would be better not to use these products as dishes,” says Van Ark.

When people stop using it, the health risk disappears immediately, writes the minister. “It is unlikely that you will develop discomfort after you stop using it.”

Melamine plastic not for young children

The Dutch Nutrition Center also advises against using melamine plastic dishes without the addition of bamboo or corn only for warm meals and drinks for children up to three years of age.

According to Buro, the current European standard for melamine does not protect children. Van Ark put the issue on the agenda in Brussels, she writes.