Finally laughing again! What helps quickly and effectively against herpes?

Two weeks ago, I felt a tingling sensation on my upper lip at night: my herpes, which I always get in the same place, returned after three years. For a long time I was able to ward off the viruses, but due to my extremely dolly hay fever this year – according to my self-diagnosis – my immune system was now so weakened that the painful blisters on the lip came back. “Mental or physical stress can lead to reactivation. Lip herpes are more common after strenuous physical exertion, but also in times of greater psychological stress”, is on

I used to have a lot of herpes. At that time I was still smoking and i was often stressed by my job at an editorial board. Rural life has changed a lot in terms of my lifestyle. Meanwhile, I call myself an “ex-fashion journalist” and focus on MyBookStylePeng, Villa Peng and my book projects. Sure, there are always high stages, not to mention the Corona crisis, in which my schedule is clear and I, as a freelance writer for other media, have a lot to do. As now: the care at home, my new book and the pollen allergy have challenged me over the past few weeks. My body signals the need for a break.

For the next time herpes I want to be better prepared. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of alternatives to creams and patches.

These tips I got for the treatment of herpeskels:
  • Manuka honey – considered a panacea due to its antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients
  • Honey with tea tree oil – this mixture is also considered bacteria-inhibiting and healing
  • fresh ginger – needs a have disinfection and antiviral effects
  • Lyranda chewing tablets – contain a.o. Lysine and Zinc and are intended to promote wound healing
  • Herpotherm heat pen – the heat pen should be Burning, tingling and itching and even prevent the herpes outbreak
  • Labimint by Hauschka Med – according to studies, the press juice of sun hat (Echinacea) is believed to stop the reproduction of herpes simplex viruses
  • Weleda Fever Vein Zalf – has a disinfectant, wound healing and analgesic effect thanks to zinc oxide, peppermint oil and thyme oil
  • Toothpaste – dries the herpes vesicles

PS: Flori and I met when I had a herpes on my lip. At that point I had glued a patch over the wound, which had already been loosened at some point. Flori was totally annoyed by it. So it wasn’t love at first sight. 🙂