Feyenoord players also give salary due to coronavirus | Right away

Feyenoord’s players have agreed with the club’s management on a temporary pay cut due to the Corona crisis, the Rotterdam club announced on Tuesday. Technical staff and management also pay wages.

Feyenoord does not write about the duration of the reduction and does not mention percentages.

The agreement between the employers’ organisation FBO, the players’ unions VVCS and ProProf and the union Coaches Paid Football (CBV), which put together a package of measures at the beginning of May, was taken as a starting point. Feyenoord has added a step to the top of the discount squad.

“This will reduce the lowest salaries slightly, but in fact workers with the highest salaries will make an additional contribution to part of their income,” explains managing director Mark Koevermans. Website Club. “In this way, the strongest shoulders carry even more emphatically the heaviest loads. As it should be.”

“It was only logical for the players”

Feyenoord is one of many Eredivisie clubs whose players have agreed to a pay cut because of the Corona crisis. Pec Zwolle and sc Heerenveen had previously reported an agreement to cut salaries, now that the clubs lack a lot of revenue due to the game-free time.

Koevermans recently said that Feyenoord’s budget for next season, as it stands, should be reduced by about a third (25 million euros).

Captain Steven Berghuis insists the players recognise that Feyenoord is in bad financial weather because of the Corona crisis. “It was only logical for the players that we would do our part to get through this,” he said in a statement. Website Club.

‘We also don’t want to do this alone by giving up the salary. We have indicated that we would like to make a contribution in a different way in the coming period.”

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