Everything you need to know about the ply-built PDC Home Tour digital darts tournament | Right away

The real darts are still at a standstill due to the Corona crisis, but alternatively the PDC will organize the digital tournament Home Tour from Friday. The world number one, Michael van Gerwen, is missing, but many other world-class players are there. An overview of the event.


Friday, April 17 from 8:30 p.m. – Group 1
Peter Wright-Peter Jacques
Jamie Lewis-Niels Zonneveld
Peter Jacques-Niels Zonneveld
Peter Wright-Jamie Lewis
Jamie Lewis-Peter Jacques
Niels Zonneveld-Peter Wright

Saturday, April 18 from 8:30 p.m. – Group 2
Gerwyn Price-Rowby-John Rodriguez
Luke Woodhouse-Ted Evetts
Rowby-John Rodriguez-Ted Evetts
Gerwyn Price-Luke Woodhouse
Luke Woodhouse-Rowby-John Rodriguez
Ted Evetts-Gerwyn Prize

Sunday 19 April 20.30 – Group 3
Dave Chisnall-Scott Waites
Jan Dekker-Jonathan Worsley
Scott Waites-Jonathan Worsley
Dave Chisnall-Jan Dekker
Jan Dekker-Scott Waites
Jonathan Worsley-Dave Chisnall

Monday 20 April 20.30 – Group 4
Ross Smith-Lisa Ashton
Mickey Mansell-Geert Nentjes
Lisa Ashton-Geert Nentjes
Ross Smith-Mickey Mansell
Mickey Mansell-Lisa Ashton
Geert Nentjes-Ross Smith


Niels Zonneveld
Jan Dekker
Geert Nentjes

For the time being, the PDC has only announced the names for the first four game nights. What is certain is that Van Gerwen, but also Jeffrey de Zwaan, Danny Noppert and Vincent van der Voort will not participate because they do not meet the requirements or do not agree with the design of the tournament.

Players from the top 20 in the world rankings

Peter Wright (2)
Gerwyn Price (3)
Dave Chisnall (11)

So we don’t get a repeat of the World Cup final between Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright on the home tour. (Photo: PDC/Lawrence Lustig)

Origins of the Home Tour

The Home Tour is considered an alternative during the Corona crisis. All tournaments on stage and ground, such as the games in the Premier League darts, have been cancelled until the beginning of June. To see the darts players in action in the near future, the PDC has developed the Home Tour, where players from their living room compete against each other.

The Darts Association has been experimenting with Home of Darts for the past two weeks, with four or players also facing each other from their living room and the ones with the most victories that night. Technically, there was one more point. For example, the connection to the webcam that was on the board often stalled, so that the scores could not always be easily recorded.

The PDC believes it has fixed these flaws and sent an invitation to the Home Tour to all 128 tour card holders last week, for which registration was closed on Tuesday. The players had to meet four requirements: they must have a quiet room at home, have a good internet, be able to put the dartboard in a good picture and speak English for all interviews.

Design of the Home Tour

There are 32 days in a row every night of basically four different players – it may be that some players are more likely to take action because not all 128 tour ticket holders have signed up – a pool has ended. Players all play against each other once and each side is a best-of-nine in legs. You must pass on the scores to the moderator himself. A win brings two points.

The 32 group winners of the first phase go into the second phase. It is not yet known what the second phase will look like. The PDC cannot guarantee that the tournament will be completed. If the BRITISH government decides that events can be reorganised, then the real darts will start again.

There is no prize money to earn on the Home Tour, it’s all about the honour. Players will receive as much as 500 British pounds (about 573 euros) for each night they participate. In this way, the PDC wants to give the players a helping hand, because of course they don’t get much or little income from their sport at this time and some have already indicated that they were in financial trouble.