Everything in the paint! Multicolored nails in autumn colors –

ADVERTISING | I have to keep reminding myself: beautiful nails need care. This is especially true of my construction site and garden hands. Because without a careful manicure, even the most beautiful colors, such as the new autumn colors of gitti (*Link) or my beloved red shades, do not fully develop their effect. For optimal fixation, it is also important to clean the nails before painting, to shape them and to provide them with a nourishing oil that supports the healthy growth of the cuticle and protects against injuries.

It’s simple: this is how I take care of my nail and cuticle!

1st step

After showering or bathing, push back the overgrown cuticle with a hoof stick to shape the contour of the nail. Rosewood sticks look great in the bathroom and can also be used more often. Professionals use surgical stainless steel tools, which can also be disinfected and sterilized. If you are sensitive, use a plastic cuticle pusher with a flexible rubber tip. Note: Only trim the cuticle with scissors if it is protruding or torn. Their job is to support nail growth by preventing bacteria and fungi from entering the nail bed. That’s why nails should never be filed too deep into the corners.

2nd step

Cut nails that are too long with clippers, and round off the corners with a file so that they do not grow in or tear (“nail splits”). Double-sided file knives with a rough and a fine edge are ideal, as they seal the cut edges and make them less brittle. Glass files are particularly effective because the microfine grinding surface is not glued, but etched directly into the glass. These nail files are extremely durable and can be easily cleaned under running water. The downside: glass is fragile. The luxury variant is therefore made of ceramic. Light sandblade files are better suited for sensitive species or children. Here, however, the fine tip to clean the nails is missing. Important: Always file in one direction, preferably from the outer edge to the center. If necessary, in this step, the nail surface can be smoothed with a buffing file to remove grooves and discoloration.

3rd step

After filing, clean the entire surface of the nail with a mild nail polish remover. If possible, use a product without acetone as solvents remove oil from both skin and nails. The gitti nail polish remover (*) That’s why it also contains nourishing jojoba, argan and lavender oils. Simply put the liquid on a cotton pad and press it onto the nail so that the remover can penetrate the varnish layer. Wait a few seconds and swipe in one go.

Then apply a rich nail cream or a special nail oil, eg with apricot kernel or almond oil on the edge of the nail and massage well. I like to use that as a care staircase serum (*) and oil- (*) by gitti. This ritual is best done in the evening, so that the formula can absorb undisturbed at night. The result the next morning: the nails look good and are well cared for ready to paint!

Transparency: This blog post was created commission-free, but I will be working with gitti as a brand ambassador throughout 2020. This article is something like that too The good good published.