Empty Olympic Stadium Decor for National Sports Remembrance | Right away

NoC*NSF released a video on Monday of a trumpeter playing the tattoo in a completely empty Olympic stadium because of the corona rye.

Normally, speeches are given at the Olympic Stadium in the early afternoon of May 4 and wreaths are laid in memory of the athletes who died in World War II.

“This year we are commemorating in an adapted form that meets the limits of COVID-19,” says NOC*NSF President Anneke van Zanen-Nieberg. “It is important to take into account the memory of the athletes who were no longer allowed to participate because of their origin and were taken to extermination camps, where many were murdered.”

“In memory of the athletes who were active in the resistance and did not survive. And of course we also think of the many athletes and sports enthusiasts who were taken from the field and from the stands during training sessions, competitions and bids and did not return. We remember them, proud and proud in our hearts, so that the spirit of the absent is always between us.”

NOC*NSF, like several other sports organizations, shared the video below of a trumpeter in an empty Olympic stadium.