Do not do like everyone else, do not choose “123456” as the password


For the sake of your personal information, do not use basic passwords.

Whether out of simplicity, habit or fear of forgetting it, we sometimes choose passwords for our electronic tools sometimes a small boat. A birthday, the name of his cat, a number of basic numbers … Simple combinations, and necessarily easy to hack. A study conducted last month by a Turkish computer science student confirms this propensity for simplicity. According to this study, which was carried out by Zdnet, a password of 142 would be the “123456” series.

Ata Hakel analyzed more than a billion passwords to discover some interesting statistics. The code “123456” has been viewed 7 million times in the database, making it the most commonly used online password. And he’s not the only one. The 1,000 most common combinations still account for more than 6% of all passwords. The rest of the ranking includes “123456789”, “password” and “qwerty” (the first letters of Anglo-Saxon keyboards). A little further, at number 15, we find the classic “iloveyou”.

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A long, unique password that mixes letters/figures and special characters

Only 9% of passwords are unique, i.e. they were recorded only once during the study. They average between 9 and 10 characters in length, knowing that most security experts recommend passwords between 16 and 24 characters, says ZdnetSurprisingly, very few of these unique passwords mean something, which means that they are not related to key data or person names.

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Of all the passwords examined, only 12% contain special characters. Many users preferred passwords only in letters (29%) or in numbers (13%). According to this study, almost the majority of passwords (42%) therefore, would be “vulnerable to attacks” by malicious individuals who would easily access your data.