Digger, the app that recognizes all sneakers in a photo


Knowing the model of a sneaker based on a simple cliché will soon be possible with this new application.

Who has never done that before? Walk around and blink on the pair of sneakers worn by a passer-by. No choice, either we dared to challenge the latter to know the model of the sneakers in question, or we tried to keep the pair in mind, perhaps to find it in the trade later. But all of this could soon be a thing of the past with Digger, a new application based on a photo that will identify the making and model of each pair of sneakers.

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The app describes itself as the “shazam” of shoes. It will also make your life easier as it will inform the list of stores and websites that have the sneakers you have made crack, all classified at least on the most expensive naller.

While Digger is still under construction for the time being, it is already possible to Website to learn more about the concept.

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