Dietary supplements with collagen and elastin

Despite our hyper-busy schedules, my friend Sabrina and I try to take a moment every two months to do some fun together. The evenings in the restaurant, sauna or café are always very pleasant and relaxing. And as is the case with good friends, we give each other well-intentioned advice. The health tips usually come from me – you’re an osteopath and nutritionist or you’re not 😉 – but last month Sabrina came out surprisingly with a super tip about supplements.

If it doesn’t work, doesn’t it hurt?

Sabrina told me that she recently felt better in her skin and had healthier skin. By post, she had received a promo package with dietary supplements. And under the motto “Don’t profit, it doesn’t hurt” she tried these supplements for two weeks.

Well, I dare to contradict this motto of her. You can take completely wrong bad quality supplements. But in this case, their test was very successful. She had Collagen hydrosylate And Elastin hydrolysate Taken. And they had given a visible boost to their health and skin.

Always with a critical eye

As an osteopath and nutritionist, I know of some dietary supplements and I know that there are a lot of inferior products or products with a placebo effect on the market. So I have always read the leaflet very carefully and very critically. So i went online the day after our appointment to read the product information of the supplier Ergomax.

Sound quality

I read a reasoned explanation and saw that the supplements had a composition that indicated quality. Collagen hydrolysate consists of essential amino acids and amino acid compounds. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. You need them for your body to function properly. Collagen has a positive effect on your neurotransmitters, enzyme formation and thinking build-up of proteins and ensures strength, integrity and structure.

Amino acid levels at level

Your body does not create essential amino acids itself. You will receive your necessary dose from your diet. Especially from meat. But if you find it difficult to digest protein or eat little meat, you can build up a deficiency. The solution is then high quality dietary supplements to maintain your level of essential amino acids.

The proof of the pudding lies in the food, I say often. So I ordered and tested these supplements myself. And I was pleasantly surprised, like Sabrina. Collagen hydrolysate is liquid, easy to absorb, tasteless and healthy. And what I think is very important: natural origin, because the collagen comes from wild cod.

Collagen + Elastin = tight, elastic and radiant skin

And the enthusiasm for healthier skin? I now share this with Sabrina. Amino acids keep the collagen in your subcutaneous connective tissue in top condition. The result is that your skin remains tight. And with the purified dietary supplement Elastin hydrolysate prevent your skin from sacrificing elasticity.

Elastin is a highly elastic protein in your connective tissue that causes your skin to retake its original shape after it stretches or squeezes. Elastin hydrolysate is extracted from fish skins and Collagen hydrolysate Your skin from the inside firm, healthy, elastic and radiant!

My morning ritual

In the meantime, I became a true fan of collagen hydrolysate and elastin hydrolysate. They are now part of my daily diet. I start every morning with a smoothie of fruit and vegetables and put the powders in. They do not affect the taste, but they affect my skin and my health. I feel better in my skin, my skin shines and I have a flatter abdomen because the hydrolysates promote the function of my intestines and stimulate my intestinal movements.

In short, I am convinced of the positive effect on my health and represent a permanent place in my diet for these top products.

I’m looking forward to the next appointment with Sabrina. Who knows what healthy tips they can let me – and I, in turn – discover.

Healthy greetings