Cristina Cordula in panic: “The coronavirus made me paranoid”

Each country manages the coronavirus pandemic in its own way. Cristina Cordula is also imprisoned in Brazil. And the least we can say is that the bacteriological threat does not leave them in a marble. As she explains on the magazine’s pages Gala, the stylist is too very straddles hygiene since the Covid-19 strikes. “I use this moment to create a great tidyShe says. In the kitchen I organized, through shelves, all the cleaning products for the house, I rubbed the appliances, I sucked the alcohol. Coronavirus made me paranoid and I became a disinfection maniac. I use them all the time, every day, everywhere, on handles, sockets, remote controls.

Fortunately, Cristina Cordula is not locked up alone. It is convenient Move to Rio de Janeiro with her husband, businessman Frédéric Cassin, and their 25-year-old son Enzo. This does not prevent him from having only one hurry: to find a little more human contact. “What I miss most is not being able to be with my loved ones and touch them, she regrets. Like all Brazilians, I am a very tactile woman. It’s scary, but I know it’s going to happen. I can’t wait to hug my friends.“As long as the government does not change its mind, de-confinement in France is expected to begin on 11 May 2020. Let’s hope for them that the dates in South America coincide…

To keep the course, Queens of Shopping decided to continue his television adventures in his own way. Instead of giving away her fashion tips on M6 TV, she is now doing so on social media to help all the limited stays stylish, dressed and styled while still being comfortable. But what would we do without them?

Read Cristina Cordula’s full interview in the magazine Gala1403 of 30 April 2020.