Cordial Aya Nakamura? Big problem with the stylist who filed a complaint against her …

Good news for Aya Nakamura. The stylist who called herparasitism“and accused him of being inspired by his work without his approval for the clip of Pookie. He had published models on Twitter that he had introduced to him a few months earlier, very similar to the ones in the clip. A version that the singer challenges very quickly.

The stylist Kyo Jinowould have given him one “Mood board“presents his inspirations for the music video by Pookie, which Aya Nakamura allegedly took over without paying him. Then he shared his “Indignation” on social networks to which she replied: “Ideas belong to those who make them come true “. “”The real style is their coconut. If what you’re saying is true, file a complaint and we’ll see“She wrote about the allegations on social networks. After he informed her about Warner Music France, her record company, he had taken legal action and asked for moral and financial damages of 50,000 euros.

As AFP reported, the court ruled on January 15, 2021 that the outfits and postures visible in the clip “though inspired of a common universe show clear differences“.”The only one made for [Aya Nakamura] adopt outfits of the same style as those of [Kyo Jino] is not sufficient to substantiate a recovery that is a failure“after the decision.

In the end, the stylist received a large bill 8,000 euros: 5,000 for damage to image and reputation and 3,000 euros for legal costs. Aya Nakamura demanded a total of 100,000 euros for various types of damage. At the AFP microphone, the stylist’s lawyer, Me Jean-Marc Descoubes, expressed his disappointment. “”This is the story of the clay pot versus the iron pot, we disagree with the interpretation the court made of the dispute. “he confided. He examines the possibility of calling with his client.