Chopard: an eagle on your wrist


The watch collection, inspired by the King of the Alps, masterfully spreads its wings.

It got off to a successful start in 2019: the Alpenadler-Altière already had ten references in two case sizes. They intended their assertive design and their powerfully integrated bracelet “for contemporary eagles”. That is, explains the Swiss house, men who do better in their daily lives and whose vision inspires and uplifts. In short, the first in the Frison Roche style rope style.

The collection has a strong DNA: It modernizes the St. Moritz watch, the first watch creation by Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. He was barely 22 years old and still a young employee of the family business. He presented the project to his father Karl Scheufele. Chopard’s signature materials are a sleek sport-chic model that favors steel over gold and diamonds. The result: a rich success story of 50,000 units sold until the mid-1990s, when the brand founded its Haute Horlogerie-Manufaktur. The rest will be a family affair, as we owe it to Karl-Friedrich’s own son, who wanted to bring the St. Moritz up to date. Karl-Fritz, third in the name, convinces father and grandfather.

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Technical summit

Since October the collection has been expanded to include an automatic flyback chronograph or “Return in Flight”. With this function you can measure short times during operation. The trick? Three rotating hammers with elastic arms make it easy to reset the counters. The ingenious caliber design guarantees precise settings and optimal use of the timing processes. We find there: a column wheel (smoother handling), a unidirectional gear system (no energy loss, fast winding), a vertical clutch (precise start time measurements) and finally a fair individual who is able to manage his own fluctuations in inertia throughout the life of the watch to correct (maximum speed stability). The movement produced by the company’s watchmakers thus harmonizes technical innovations that have brought Chopard the registration of four patents. Its precision is therefore a very logically certified “chronometer” from the COSC (Swiss official chronometer control).

Power and well-groomed elegance

Everything is housed in an imposing 44 mm case, in Lucent Steel A223 (an exclusive ultra-light steel alloy obtained by overmolding) or in a two-material version with “ethical” 18-carat rose gold. Since 2018, the Swiss brand has followed a responsible luxury approach that respects and improves the lives of minors. The dials with a radiant pattern reminiscent of the eagle’s iris give Karl-Friedrich Scheufele the opportunity to express his passion for the alpine environment. Aletsch blue pays homage to the largest glacier in the Alps, and absolute black refers to the night in the mountains.

Thanks to its independence and the integration of its professions, Chopard is honored to be able to shape its timepieces from A to Z. As a result, the rise of the new Alpine eagle is both a work of artisans and a pinnacle of contemporary elegance. You don’t have to have an eagle eye to notice it.

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