Celine: A racist brand? Celebrity stylist denounced

This position has led many Internet users to react. Will Celine be more involved in concrete actions such as donations or settle for a photo posted on social media? Even more serious is that a renowned stylist, Jason Bolden, denounced the brand’s hypocritical commitment.

He commented: “Wait, really? They only dress black celebrities if they have a white stylist (…) It’s a fact.” Jason Bolden speaks knowingly. He works closely with the actress and heroine of the series Rich Taraji P. Henson (also in Shadow figures 2016 and The best of the enemies, tennis woman Serena Williams and Vanessa Hudgens in 2019.

Lately, Celine has Luka Sabbath and LeƩla Bekhti, who was also very committed to the fight against racism and police violence, at the last Cannes Film Festival, as well as the rapper Wiz Khalifa on Oscar night.