Cartier: The beautiful cadence


Cartier’s new link twists its feminine elegance with a cross-sectional architecture.

Cartier is known as a watchmaker of molded watches. His latest creation will not damage his reputation: a precious watch whose supposed appeal plays on the classic codes of the gourmet. After the curved square of the Santos (1904), the curves of the turtle clock (1912), the original rectangle of the tank (1917), the round casing of the Pasha (1943), the delicate oval of the Bath clock (1953) and the, Crash (1967), the “circle in the circle” of the Blue Balloon (2007), the elegant cushion of the Drive (2016) and the sensual square of the cat Panther (1983) , revived in 2017, cartiers Maillon watch is again born of the invention and the claim to form.

Designed by Cartier watch studios, it is primarily a gem. A foodie, surprised and eventually seduced to see how their opulent connections are aligned with a bias under the effect of a subtle twist. Everyone rushes, in the same graphic impulse, towards the hexagonal dial. Its misaligned sequence, clocked exclusively in 18-karat gold, provides an additional parameter for Cartier’s geometry: rhythm.

Fusion Design

Twisting the limbs, tension of the lines, warmth of gold: the metamorphosis of the classic gourmet turned into a radically feminine clock. ©CartierFrom rectangular links to cases with cut panels and clamps, the entire design creates a perspective that radicalizes the mind of the watch. It is 3D, luxury version: the volume is noticeable, generous, dense. “We wanted to outsize the gourmet and transcend its architecture through a volume approach. Emotion is in motion and tension”explains Marie-Laure Céréde, Director of WatchMaking. If the signature of the model is in the rotation of the lines, they can be preferred either in smooth yellow gold or in pink or grey gold with 24 diamonds.

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The limited edition (20 pieces) in grey gold: The undated link chain ignites a sequence of 300 diamonds (4.78 ct) and 96 tsavorites. The dial is decorated with a diamond and a blue lacquer. ©Cartier

The Maillon de Cartier is also the subject of extraordinary pieces, complete with diamonds, numbered in two editions of 50 and 20 pieces. The first is decorated with a black lacquer dial and 580 diamonds, the second is satisfied with 300 diamonds to sprout its twisted architecture with a touch of blue lacquer and 96 tsavorites. At the center of this kinetic relief is a quartz movement that captures the very “jewel” dimensions of the various variations of the model.

Squares, round, oval, rectangular curved: Cartier’s play of forms has been part of the watchmaking legend since the beginning of the 20th century. The newcomer is now stepping in, powered by a tangle of gold and luxury.

Cartier Link watch in rose gold, bezel set with 24 brilliant diamonds, crown with diamond, quartz movement. ©Cartier