Carine Roitfeld apologizes for her mistake on racism

Don’t use your skin to make you feel guilty about the daily racism you’re involved in” commented another user. A user adds in a sarcastic tone: “It’s the day of hugging his black friend” ! In response, Carine Roitfeld deleted her photo of Anok Yai.

She apologized in another publication for her awkwardness. She writes: “I sincerely apologize for my previous comments posted on social media. My intention was to express love and support for my dear friend, Anok Yai (…). I realize that I have inflicted even more pain and pain on the community I wanted to support. I am learning from this experience and will continue to use my platform and voice to create opportunities for change. Anok, you are a black, beautiful, strong and talented woman and I absolutely did not want to offend.