Cambuur and De Graafschap remain in talks with KNVB on compensation | Right away

SC Cambuur and De Graafschap will continue to discuss financial compensation for the missed promotion to the Eredivisie with the KNVB. The directors of the three parties had a “constructive” first meeting on Monday.

Cambuur and De Graafschap finished first and second in the season-ending Kitchen Champion Division season, but the KNVB decided against the promotion/relegation.

The judge ruled in the Football Association two weeks ago, after which the clubs decided to discuss financial compensation with the KNVB. This should come from the Solidarity Fund paid football, a fund of the KNVB and clubs.

“We were able to express our opinion in conversation,” says Managing Director Ard de Graaf van Cambuur. “The KNVB has certainly also shown understanding and willingness, but of course this needs to be worked out further. We are waiting for any further explanations and in the meantime we are keeping all options open.”

Cambuur fears collapse in budget of 1.5 million euros

Cambuur’s general manager Gerard van den Belt said last month that he feared a hole in the budget of 1.5 million euros and possibly even a bust in a new season at the second-highest level.

De Graafschap and Cambuur still have the opportunity to appeal against the judge’s ruling. This decision will probably depend on the conduct of the discussions with the KNVB.

The general meeting of the Football Association on 18 June is also an opportunity for the clubs. In order to raise the issue, the agenda item must be supported by at least five clubs.

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